Levered Online Math Curriculum for Remote Learning

March 10, 2020

Levered Online Math Curriculum for Remote Learning

We are offering our core math system at no cost to schools moving to remote learning models

Levered is a teacher-founded blended instructional system with a mission to promote equitable access for all students to grade-level standards for elementary math.

For schools and districts that are preparing for remote learning due to school closure, we are offering access at no cost for the remainder of the year.

Though Levered's all-in-one blended learning system was designed around the particular needs of a classroom environment, we believe we have some distinct advantages to allow for student learning continuity as well as teacher involvement in assessment and intervention.

Levered's remote learning model for elementary math

  • Access to our competency-based individually paced online curriculum (all available 3rd, 4th, 5th-grade math content).
  • A teacher dashboard with real-time assessment data, accessible from anywhere.
  • Teacher-managed class sessions for assessing participation.
  • Built-in tools showing where students are struggling when combined with video conferencing facilitate small group or one-to-one intervention.

Levered is a core math curriculum, with True Common Core alignment, built for 45-60 minute (or more) math blocks

Remote learning implementation for schools and districts

  • Easy onboarding via a webinar for teachers that can have them up to speed in just a couple hours.
  • Teachers can easily roster classes, assigning usernames and passwords for students.
  • Levered requires access to the Internet and a laptop or Chromebook.
  • No-cost access for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Watch this short video demonstrating how teachers can continue to support students in their individual instruction

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this form. We are committed to making Levered available to as many sites as we are able.

Learn more about what teachers, administrators and students think about Levered with this short video.

A home school version of our curriculum is available at home.levered.com

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