Levered Math Is "Impact Ready" for ESSA

March 22, 2022 | Found in: Press, Research, and Certification

Levered Math Is "Impact Ready" for ESSA

LearnPlatform evaluation finds the standards-aligned, competency-based math program meets ESSA Level IV, “Demonstrates a Rationale”.

Soquel, California (3/22/22) -- Levered Learning announces that it meets the level of evidence under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA requires federal funding and stimulus dollars to be used for "evidence-based interventions."

As a certified evidence-based intervention for mathematics, Levered Learning is among the industry leaders able to empower schools and districts to improve student outcomes. Levered Learning worked with LearnPlatform, leveraging their third-party Evidence-as-a-Service offering, to complete this research work. The review found, “the intervention has a well-defined logic model, based on research, and Levered has plans to examine their product in an ESSA Level III study.”

“It is Levered’s fundamental belief that we must consider the needs of each learner as an individual, and that the past performance of a student should not be used as a predictor of future performance or capacity to learn. In fact, it has been our experience that, in a competency-based learning environment, students often demonstrate levels of both growth and performance well beyond the levels they showed historically through a coverage-based approach,” said Mitch Slater, CEO of Levered Learning.

“The challenges educators are facing are unprecedented. The pandemic has led to levels of unfinished learning that we’ve never seen before in this country. The status quo was failing before the pandemic, we can’t expect it to pull us out of the growing learning gap. We recognize the urgency educators are facing, and have a five year headstart with data showing our program can help students make substantial gains in their foundational understanding in a relatively short period of time.“

"As the country modernizes learning during and after the pandemic, everyone needs and will benefit from rigorous, practical evaluation to provide evidence at the speed of decision-making,” said Karl Rectanus, CEO and Co-founder of LearnPlatform.

“By working with LearnPlatform to build their evidence base, Levered Learning shows that they are committed to aligning with ESSA and investing resources to work toward the goal of better outcomes for students and teachers.”

Learn more about our research-based approach, here.

About Levered Learning

Levered Learning, founded in 2017 in Soquel, California, is a 21st century blended learning math system created by teachers and educators to provide the right level of support and challenge for every student. Levered provides teachers with real-time data on student progress with tools to support intervention and enrichment and provides insights on engagement. The Levered Learning System is proven to increase learning growth by 70% on state testing in the first year of implementation.

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LearnPlatform is a comprehensive edtech effectiveness system used by educators, leaders, and their partners to modernize their learning environments and ensure academic and financial return on their investments. The research-driven technology, central office automation, data-rich insights, and evidence services equip school districts, states, and providers to organize, streamline and analyze their edtech interventions to ensure they are safe, equitable, cost-efficient, and effective for all students. For more information, visit learnplatform.com.