Levered Learning Announces High Impact Summer Math Program To Help Elementary Schools Address Unfinished Learning Due to the Pandemic

June 02, 2021 | Found in: Learning loss, Learning gaps, and Summer enrichment program

Levered Learning Announces High Impact Summer Math Program To Help Elementary Schools Address Unfinished Learning Due to the Pandemic

The online curriculum company is also offering free professional development to support educators in reversing learning loss this summer

SOQUEL, CA -- Levered Learning is using their proven-effective online core curriculum to deliver a solution designed to target the foundational concepts at the source of learning gaps in math caused by the pandemic for 3rd to 5th graders. The ready-to-implement solution provides instructional support for teachers and an individualized online curriculum.

“The challenges educators are facing are unprecedented. The pandemic has led to levels of unfinished learning that we’ve never seen before in this country,” said Mitch Slater, CEO of Levered Learning Inc. “We recognize the urgency educators are facing, and have years of data showing our program can help students make substantial gains in their foundational understanding in a relatively short period of time.”

For districts looking for a turnkey solution, Levered’s digital summer program is flexible enough to be delivered in-person, via distance learning, or in a hybrid setting. The system provides teachers with real-time assessment data, identifying common areas of struggle used to drive whole-class and small group instruction as well as identify needs for each student. The summer curricula builds a strong foundation and conceptual understanding in math through highly engaging online activities set in real-world contexts.

Describing the experience of using Levered during distance and hybrid learning this school year, Dr. Tiffany Morse, Superintendent of Ojai Unified School District, said, "I love Levered because the teachers get real-time data with solutions for helping to identify and correct specific conceptual errors in thinking. It’s really got our teachers looking and thinking about student learning and enabling them to reteach in a meaningful and targeted way."

The blended-learning tool from Levered was shown to have a, “clear impact on student learning as measured in CAASPP growth for all students, including English Learners and economically disadvantaged students”, according to a pilot brief conducted by Digital Promise in 2019. The brief also found every participating teacher reported that Levered, “made it easier to provide intervention for struggling students, made it easier to provide challenge for students who had mastered grade level standards, and improved math achievement for English Learners in their classes.”

The Levered Summer Program can be implemented with just 90 minutes of training for teachers and can be up and running in a day with single-sign-on (SSO) and automated rostering through MS365, Google Classroom, and Clever. More information on the program and a link to the full pilot brief can be found here.

About Levered Learning

Levered Learning, founded in 2017 in Soquel, California, is a 21st century blended learning math system created by teachers and educators to provide the right level of support and challenge for every student. Levered provides teachers with real-time data on student progress with tools to support intervention and enrichment and provides insights on engagement. The Levered Learning System is proven to increase learning growth by 70% on state testing in the first year of implementation. Levered is the only core math curriculum product to receive both Digital Promise’s Learner Variability and Research-based Design certifications.